Thursday, October 4, 2007

AFT Endorses Hillary - UFT Not Far Behind

Reality based educator has nailed another one at the NYC Educator blog regarding the AFT endorsement of Hillary Clinton. As all UFT members pay dues to that organization and the UFT is by far the largest block of votes in the AFT [add the NY State United Teachers, which the UFT controls], people opposed to the Clinton endorsement may be a wee bit vexed.

As noted in the article in the NY Times, UFT president Randi Weingarten is close to Hillary and is expected to become president of the AFT in July '08.

Does anyone think the UFT will endorse anyone else? All AFT/UFT forces are being marshaled to get Hillary elected.

In a democratic union there might be a referendum on this issue. In the Kahlenberg book on Shanker it talks about how Shanker used to brag how many referendums of the membership were held on endorsements and even the Vietnam War (he even lost a few before he figured out how to use the Unity machine to it's full effect.)

Watch how the entire process within the UFT is manipulated to give the impression this will be done democratically. First, the Executive Board will rubber stamp, followed by the Delegate Assembly with a 90% plus vote. Even expect a visit there from Hillary (she came to the DA when she was first elected Senator.)

What do you think the vote for a Hillary endorsement would be if there were a referendum of all UFT members?

60%" 50? Certainly not 90%. This disparity would indicate the disconnect between the Unity controlled DA and the membership.

Maybe it's time to raise a call for such a referendum in the UFT on the issue before UFT members get the response when calling for assistance:

Sorry, we are busy working in the Hillary campaign. Call back after Election Day, Nov. '08.


Anonymous said...

Would you happen to know whether the UFT endorsed Noach Dear or Karen Yellen in the election for Civil Court judgeship in Brooklyn. Dear won.
Here's how the Brooklyn Paper characterized the race:

"A Civil Court race pitting firebrand former Councilman Noach Dear against a lesser-known judge has been thrust into the spotlight by gay and lesbian activists because of Borough President Markowitz’s endorsement of Dear, who was rated as unqualified for the bench by the City Bar Association..."

ed notes online said...

A copule of guys told me at the Chapter leader meeting that the UFT endorsed Dear - one of them is gay and was not happy. I told them the UFT has a history and even back in the 90's one of the leaders of the gay teachers used to get up at the DA and embarrass Sandy Feldman over their endorsements of reactionary anti-gay politians because a Gene Prisco always says, "They had a good position on the eyeglass plan." UFT insiders are also saying there's more to the back story on this.

Anonymous said...

When Ron Isaacs reads this maybe he can enlighten us?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Dear had offered to arrange for Orthodox UFT members a substantial discount on tsitzis.

ed notes online said...

NYSUT - 580,000 strong - the dominant factor in the AFT - has followed suit. Look for the Oct 17 DA for an endorsement.