Thursday, October 18, 2007

UFT Opts Out

Agent Scott Boras reported today his client, the United Federation of Teachers, has opted out of the fight for better working conditions and the battle against high stakes testing, among many other issues too numerous to enumerate. However, they have opted in on the total collaboration and capitulation of just about any principles of unionism.

Boras' other client


  1. as my mother used to say
    "Rat Bestids"

  2. The news of the negative behaviors of our local rats was even too much for the last of the Rat Pack, Joey Bishop. He died today. RIP Joey

  3. This is what the NY Daily News had to say:
    "Now, a new era has begun, thanks to enlightened leadership by United Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten"

    Enlightened? Randi? I guess as enlightened as Benedict Arnold.

  4. At least the ICE people have done nothing to ruin education in NYC.

  5. Yep, they've "done nothing", nothing but complain and moan.

  6. Enlightened???!!!! You mean like the analogy that medieval times were "enlightened" compared to the Paleozoic era?

  7. Idiot. The bowtie guy was from TJC. Know your cuts of meat, will ya?

  8. Un-Norm-al and you corny ICE guys I have a confession. I stay up night and day and write these things about you because I have no life. I'm fat, ugly and smelly and I'm genitally challenged. I suffer from incontinence. I've never had any success in my life. I have no friends. I'm also stupid. I think if I associate myself with authority I'll be more powerful. If there is a God I hope he or she will forgive me.

  9. Does anyone here really think that the loser above is me?

    If I wrote the above post, it would read like this...

    "Un-Norm-al and you corny ICE guys I have a confession. I like to read and respond to your blog because it amuses me, all the whining and the false taking of credit, it's really funny. Since several of you ICE guys seem to be fixated on how I look, I'll give you guys a brief description; I'm fit, attractive, dress professionaly (sorry, no t-shirts), my hygiene is impeccable, and I'll leave you to fantasize about the rest. I hit the gym 4 times a week. I date a lot. I've been told that I'm prety wise for my age. Instead of complaing and whining about problems, I like to act and try to make a change."

    There you go fellas!


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