Monday, October 29, 2007

What If There Was a Fiscal Crisis?

Randi Weingarten bragged about the no-layoff clause in the contract at a recent meeting, slipping in the proviso "as long as there isn't a fiscal crisis." Remembering 1975 when contracts were rendered moot, this is a very apt observation and possibly a warning. ICE's Michael Fiorillo has raised this issue on ICE-mail and at ICE meetings.

The UFT in defending the open market system always points to the no-layoff clause, somewhat moot with so many new teachers recruited each year. They argue that ATR's always will have a job. In '75 as teachers were excessed they had seniority to protect them. What would happen today if there were a fiscal crises of the same scope?

Check out Reality-Based Educator's post Bull@#$% Market at NYC Educator for the state of the economy.

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