Thursday, October 18, 2007

Joe Torre Rejects Merit Pay

With Joe Torre out of a job after leaving a potential $8 million incentive laden offer on the table by the NY Yankees, he has been asked to accept the job of UFT President in case Randi Weingarten relinquishes the position when she becomes president of the AFT this July. After a few minutes consideration, Torre rejected the UFT, unwilling to have any association with an organization that accepts any semblance of pay for performance.

In other news, the UFT announced a performance for pay plan for UFT borough staff. The borough office that wins the most grievances will be offered a large bonus to be split among all employees who are members of Unity Caucus.

Gary Babad at GBN News reports at the NYC Public SchoolParents blog that schools will be given 3 choices on how to divide the bonus money (excepts):

1. Teachers who spend all day on test prep will receive more money than those who waste their students’ time with unrelated activities such as art, music, and social studies.

2. During assembly period, teachers will break open the piƱata and each will keep all he or she can scoop up.

3. A committee consisting of the Principal, a designee appointed by the Principal, and two UFT members will travel to Atlantic City and try to double the award.

Read it all here.


  1. You are completely right. The money will be divided by the principal, APS, and their best friends. What did you do Randy?????

  2. I won't work for, take or accept such money. this is heresy. it belongs to the children (students). and it's an insult to true professionals. I would take mine and give it to the students and instruct them to blow up the schools and get it over with already. anarchy!


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