Thursday, October 25, 2007

When Fox News Came A-Callin'

On Tues. I got a call from Ben Evansky, a producer at Fox News (national). He came across articles on the rubber rooms posted on this blog. Ben sounded like a nice guy. Very sympathetic to teachers in that situation. The British accent helped. But I was suspicious. IT IS FOX NEWS. Rupert Murdoch - anti-union and the whole ball of wax. Ben said they were not looking to slam teachers, etc. But can they be trusted? I told him stories of people railroaded but warned him that they would be very reluctant to talk, especially to Fox. However, I figure people are adults and can make their own decisions, so I gave him a bunch of names.

Now it looks like there may be a substantial report. Randi is getting involved and that is a good thing - unless they John Stoessel her. (Remember how he manipulated and embarrassed her.)

Anyway, Fox wants to talk to teachers and I know a lot of RR people check out this blog.

They've posted a link that says: Should Bad Teachers be Banned to Rubber Rooms. They are asking for people to comment. Take your best shot.

Not a good sign, this title, since it has been explained that all too many people in the RR are not bad teachers, but political prisoners. Fox also seems more concerned with the conditions in the RR than the railroading. Maybe the heading on their site should be "Should teachers who whistle blow or have educational disagreements with their principal or stand up for basic union rules, be banned to rubber rooms?"

I never thought I'd say this, but let's give Fox the benefit of the doubt. And then again, there's always the comedy routine about RR's coming soon to John Stewart's Daily Show (see post below this) to cheer people up.

Off topic: A reminder to our Unity hacks to visit the Unity hack blog to leave their analytical and probing commentary.

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