Sunday, May 29, 2011

Heading to Chicago July 6 - Join Us

Members of the Grassroots Education Movement will be participating along with other NYC activists. This is a follow-up to the conference some of us attended in Los Angeles in July 2009 where we formed a loose coalition of people from various cities, including Chicago and Washington DC. Within a year and a half participants from these two cities took charge of their union local.

Contact me if you are interested. Or just click the link and register below.

National Conference to Fight Back for Public Education

Register online now!

Speak, learn and share with educators on the front lines in New York, LA, Chicago, Wisconsin, Oakland, Ohio, Indiana and beyond. Plan and organize to promote our vision of an equitable and just education system, for unions that fight for and with our communities, and help build a national grassroots strategy to defend public schools.
When: July 6th,  9am to 5pm
Where : Chicago, IL. Teamster City

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