Saturday, May 21, 2011

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Julie presentation awesome. Nailed charter issue from general and personal pov. Loved how she takes on "choice" and rebrands it. Noguera and Merriman not here to hear it. Will post video by tomorrow.
Mona on now. Was delayed by balky 3 year old. What's Walcott's excuse for insulting this community? Still no Tweedy here.
Mona a pissed off charter school parent. Her child's CS failing. Talks about lack of oversight and info for parents. Founded NY Charter Parent Assoc. Only indep CS parent advocacy group.
Reason for CS is mess Tweed makes of system. Should mention mess is intentional to create need for charter.
Talks about her work in changing law but charters not complying. Challenged Suny bureaucrat who is looking nervous. She may find she had an appointment when Q and A starts.
Sue, sue, sue to get attention to comply with law.
Looking forward to Q and A.
I don't want to be a hog with my questions as locals should get first crack. Break time.

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