Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gutless Walcott Chickens Out

Slap in the face of parents and community.

I'm at the Comm. Bd 12 (Wash Hts) panel on charter schools. As I said in last night's post there is a greater chance of the earth coming to an end than of Walcott showing up to face Julie Cavanagh (one of his employees). And so it has come to pass. Walcott is sending a rep.

I'll post from my Blackberry as things go on. I'm video taping.
Walcott rep still not here.

Pedro Noguera talking. Making some good points but also some I disagree with.

James Merriman- charter school lobbyist supreme. Push comes to shove he will defend charters run by serial killers though pays lip service to blah, blah, blah. Just threw anti union bomb.

Still no Doe rep but Mona not here either.

More later.

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