Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Win a Kindle: E4E celebrates teacher appreciation week by urging joining an org dedicated to eliminating seniority protections and devaluing the benefits of experience


My principal told me that the CFE wanted to have a meeting with a group of us. She showed me the email to her.  It was NOT from CFE, but it was from Educators 4 Excellence.  Evidently they are emailing principals to get THEM to set up meetings of teachers for them!  I told her it was NOT CFE, but this group that was funded by Gates and wanted to get teachers to support ending seniority lay-offs and merit pay.  She said that she would discard the email.

Is E4E given access to principals' DOE emails? To what extent is the DOE assisting E4E?


E4E in the News:

Have a free drink as paid for by hedge fund operators and other privateers. "free drinks, appetizers, and the chance to win great prizes for you and your classroom.  E4E will be raffling off teacher supplies, gift cards, and Kindles."

I'm always willing to help out my friends at E4E

Subject: E4E Happy Hours Friday - Union Square and Bronx- win a Kindle

Educators 4 Excellence

Dear E4E Members,

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  To celebrate you, your hard work, and your dedication to students, E4E is hosting two Teacher Appreciation Events this Friday, May 6th.

Launched by two Bronx teachers in March 2010, E4E was founded to be a voice for teachers in education policy - a voice that helps to elevate our profession and improve outcomes for our students. Please join us, get involved, and share E4E with your colleagues over free drinks, appetizers, and the chance to win great prizes for you and your classroom.  E4E will be raffling off teacher supplies, gift cards, and Kindles. Help us grow the E4E movement - bring your colleagues, get extra raffle tickets! These events continue E4E's commitment to connect like-minded educators from across the city and provide a forum to share your voices. Please join us.

We will be hosting events in the Bronx at G Bar and in Union Square at Revival. Please feel free to forward the RSVP link to interested colleagues and friends. Details are below:
  • Where: G Bar, 579 Grand Concourse
  • When: Friday, May 6th (3:00 - 5:30pm)
  • RSVP: Join us at G Bar 
  • Where: Revival, 129 East 15th St. at Irving Park
  • When: Friday, May 6th (4:00 - 7:30pm)
  • RSVP: Join us at Revival 
Thank you for the hard work that you do every day for New York City students. You have the most important job in shaping our country's future. Please know that you are appreciated.
All our best,
 The E4E Team


Anonymous said...

Norm-sometimes I am not sure what is fact or joke when I read your stuff-surely this E4E deal must be a joke-If not, would the word "hubris" be appropriate here???

ed notes online said...

No joke here. Go to their mixer and see.

Michael Fiorillo said...

Perhaps ICE or GEM should consider having Scab Exposure Night, outside one of ME$ME's venues.

B said...

Of course, E4E has one of their mixers at one of my favorite bars (Revival). Shame. Makes me going back there feel a little... sullen.

Anonymous said...

My sister worked at Revival. It's a tendy gay bar. Very kool!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Norm, I actually emailed these people questioning their life experience as well as their lack of experience on the job. How do two people who have 5 years total [both together] experience on the job have the balls to feel that they now know it all!-They never answered.