Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Report from the Field: Is Harlem Success Academy Postponing the Opening of School Tomorrow to Make Political Use of the Children and Parents?

Why are charters rallying to demand that other children's schools close? How does the closing help them?
-----Diane Ravitch

HSA is taking the morning off from school until 10am tomorrow to use their kids as political pawns at the state office building.  Whose needs is Eva Moskowitz serving now?  What do the children already enrolled at HSA get out of this?

Eva Moskowitz is the only person who will gain from this tomorrow.  She is using children to open more schools and make more money for herself.

“We never miss school,” said a teacher at Success Charter school who contacted GothamSchools about the rally. “It could almost be a blizzard outside and we still come to school so the fact that we are getting a delay on Thursday is a big deal here.”

"HSA 1 will not open until 10 a.m. Thursday, allowing students to attend the rally with their parents, the flyer says. “Bring your scholar to the rally,” the flyer reads, later saying, “Parents need to take children back to school after the rally. We know it’s hard, but we want all children to be safe.”


Anonymous said...

does Diane Ravitch not notice that there are multiple components to the lawsuit? Charters aren't rallying to close the schools, they are rallying to keep the 19 charters that were voted upon in the PEP hearings open/able to continue/begin their co-location. The closing of the schools and the co-location of the charters are not the same issues. Now, I realize she might also argue the charter's rallying to keep their co-locations intact, but she should understand the difference before she speaks.

Also, the charters are only rallying to demand that the NAACP withdraw it's name from the lawsuit, not that the entire thing be dropped, though I'm sure they wouldn't mind that if it happened.

Anonymous said...

Do you not understand the DOE practices educational neglect and apartheid and this is why charters are able to colocate. Therefore, Ms. Ravitch is correct. Where would most charter schools operate if they didn't have the DOE making "space" for them?

Charter schools need public schools to fail in order to exist.