Saturday, May 28, 2011

Powerful Video: Charter vs. Public School Inequities - HSA Spent $1.3 Million on Advertizing

Last Update: May 30, 2011, 7am

On May 21, 2011 Community Board 12 in upper Manhattan convened a panel to discuss charter schools. Dennis Walcott was supposed to be on that panel but never showed up. Chair, SUNY Charter Schools Committee Pedro Noguera and NY Charter School and James Merriman CEO of the NYC Charter School Center said their piece and left before Julie Cavanagh and Mona Davids said their piece.

Here are two videos I made.

Julie in 21 minutes presents a comprehensive case against the charter school movement.

Here I extracted a 5 minute piece out of the above if you don't have time now focusing on just some statistics. Like Eva spent $1.3 million over a 2 year period to create demand. Julie breaks down how much money that comes out to if divided up amongst the public school children her schools displace.

I have a lot of good footage of the back and forth between Mona and the head of the SUNY Charter School Authorizers - forgot her name.

But here is a short clip of Noguera taking off at a teacher who talked about how out of control the kids were in his school.


in a quandary said...

Thank you for posting this!
Interestingly, there is a guest editorial in one of the rags, written by Mr. Schoolphisher himself.

Pat said...

Julie,you are to be commended and respected for this presentation about the charters and how they are hurting our children. Walcott could not have defended the DOE/mayor against the statistics you gave and your own personal narrative about what has happened at PS 15. Thank you for all the advocacy and activist work you do for our children!

Pogue said...

Bloomberg and Klein were given 9 years to "be serious" about education. What have they accomplished? Crap.

Leadership Academy principals hired with little to no experience on how to run schools.

School closings based on secretive and nefarious "moving target" data.

And, charters cream.

Please, Mr. Noguera, never bring up charters and compare them to public schools.

Charters are closer to private schools where kids are chosen, then kicked out if they are not up to snuff.

Public schools don't do that.

Lastly, if a school is out of control behaviorally, it is the administration at fault.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Noguera is a LIAR. Excellence Charter does not have the same students as the public schools in the same area. Every child is different and any educator worth his salt knows this to be true. The fact that the students come from the same housing project does not make them the same! How dare he so intentionally mislead the audience?

Comparison of Free Lunch Students

Excellence Charter School 42%
Nearby PS 262 88%

Enrollment Comparison

Excellence PS 262
Kindergarten 75 36
1st grade 50 54
2nd grade 50 59
3rd grade 43 51
4th grade 39 54
5th grade 31 60

You can clearly see that Excellence Charter has a huge percentage of children leaving their school every year, while the nearby public school is taking in more and more kids every year. I'll bet my life savings that the students who left Excellence are the one's who struggled to keep up, were counseled out or were kicked out.

How dare Noguera hold Excellence Charter School up as a model? Mr. Noguera should be held accountable for his lies. Community Board 12 was attempting to educate their community on the truth and this guy Noguera comes in and lies to them. He should be ashamed of himself and no one should invite this liar to speak anywhere, ever again.!