Monday, May 16, 2011

Regents Does Double Dirty Deed

Where do you start? The corrupt(ed) NY State Board of Regents picks charter school slug John King to replace former slug David Whatshisname who replaced Dickie Boy Mills. All pathetic weak-kneed examples of political shills. And they conitnue the attack on teachers with the testing, testing, testing to evaluate you. Maybe Merryl Tisch should have to pass a veracity test to remain in her job. (See my post yesterday: Dishonor Among Thieves: Merryl Tisch Wrote Letter For Cuomo That He Ostensibly Wrote to Her

OK, I know there have been calls (An Open Letter to the Anti-Corporate Reform Community) to stop the name-calling and present reasoned arguments, which I am not capable of when frothing at the mouth like our friend to the right.

But thankfully, there is Leonie:

The NY Times article ends with:
In a letter to Ms. Tisch on Friday, Mr. Cuomo wrote, “We must not squander the opportunity to set the right course and make New York a leader in evaluating performance in our education system.”  

Leonie Haimson responds  - includes link to letter from experts

And for good measure she goes after Checker Finn:

Here is where I give Chester Finn, Fordham, Brookings and Center for American Progress a piece of my mind.

Also see Reality Based Educator:

Teacher Evaluation Changes

 And Accountable Talk:

The Value Added Lie

I can't stomach this crap anymore. I'm going back to blogging about swine like Reginald Landau and the role, or lack of, the UFT has played over the 6 years I have been hearing horror stories. 

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