Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rich White Woman Tells Poor Black People to Rally Against NAACP While Shutting Their Children Out of Their Schools for Hours

'Nuff said!

Norm Scott
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Anonymous said...

The students are supposed to be in school, not participating in a rally during school hours. If this was the public school system, administrators and teachers would be disciplined for this.

zulma said...


The title itself says it all. If that title does not bring shame to those heartless, money-grubbing, charter school managers, then make the title longer and stronger until those greedy bastards get the message!

Anonymous said...

Their charter should be revoked for educational neglect!

Call the administration for children's services and protect the children from HSA from the abuse of Eva Moskowitz.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the SCI does have jurisdiction .

There must be some rules Charters have to follow to get public funding.

Anonymous said...

There will be several charters in attendance at the rally, not just success schools. geoffrey canada is mc-ing it.

but yeah, let's revoke hsa's charter for three hours of missed school. their longer school day and longer school year doesn't make up for those precious three hours anyhow.

education is politics.

Anonymous said...

sorry, shall I say,

education is political.

Anonymous said...

Why do so many people oversimplify their positions when it comes to education, one of the most complicated endeavors we as a people have embarked on.

Using children and removing them from their learning and growing time for just one minute, in order to further an adult agenda that has more to do with personal greed than anything else, no matter what Moskowitz says is abusive. Moskowitz and her charter pusher friends say that the old system served the needs of adults over those of children. Well the truth is now revealed. The children missing school tomorrow have nothing to gain. They all have schools to attend. Eva Moskowitz is using the children and parents in her schools today to serve the needs of Eva Moskowitz.

Anonymous said...

New York media should be all over this one, but they won't. This is all a joke-too bad that this site is predominantly read by educators and not JQ Public .

Anonymous said...

But if the lawsuit is won, those children and their families at the 19 charter schools won't have schools to attend. The kids and their parents are attending the rally in support of the continuation of their education. Without the co-located space, the charter schools would more than likely close, which would leave over 7,000 children without a school to attend in august/september. Where are we going to fit them in the district schools?

a few hours of missed school is better than no school or further overcrowded classrooms in september.