Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rapture in Unity: Caucus will Outlast the End of Days Predicts Harold Camping

Harold Camping has been wrong twice in telling us when the world will end but he says he has a sure-fire prediction that can't go wrong. Even though he has modified his prediction for the end of days from May 21 to October 21, he has issued assurances that the ironclad control Unity Caucus exerts over the UFT will outlast the demise of the earth.

"I'm sure that if we bothered to look closely, we would find proof in the Bible that Unity Caucus will continue to exist in the firmanent," said a spokesperson for The Creator. As a matter of fact, the AFT is already rescheduling its 2012 convention, moving it from Detroit to the heavens as Unity has guarnteed every single delegate to that convention admission through the Pearly Gates – along with a per session job.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the keynote speaker at the AFT convention but he will have to use Skype – providing the technology still works with all that heat.

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