Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let's Kill Public Schools

Albany Superintendent Ray Colucciello said the mailings show voters that some charter operators would stoop to a clandestine attack just to harm the public schools. He said that it will make it harder to have collaboration with charter schools in the future.

See the article I posted on Norms Notes (Despicable charter industry tactics in Albany - Mailings encouraged voters to reject public school district budget) about how the charter schools in Albany are urging voters to reject the public school budget which will leave the schools bereft but not affect the charters. 

With every day we can see how the Warren Minor semi-facetious post comparing the ed deform scheme to destroy public education is similar to the Producers really makes sense.

You can follow it here:

Don't You Get It? Their Aim is to Make Public Schools So Awful for Teachers They Will Have no Choice But to Teach in a Charter

Well, actually, that's only one aspect of the ed deform plan. Getting rid of most of the public school system and any remnant of teacher unions is the main goal. Today's events in Albany are the sign of the flood. But in the meantime, with such a high turnover rate in charters, the best way to provide charter fodder is to make teaching in public schools awful.

Now they've been trying lots of ways to accomplish their aims. But the other day I had an epiphany while reading Myron Miner on the Chicago Public Schools and Producerism. at his blog, Last Stand for Children First.


Educational Encounters said...

At least the charters are now communicating the right message, instead of hiding it under the disguise of "reform".

Students, not profit.

in a quandary said...

It's just too unethical for words...