Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Older/Experienced Teacher's Greed Deny Students Books and Computers While Using Classroom as Construction Zone Endangers Student Lives

That might have been the headline we might have seen in the NY Post. Or the Wall Street Journal. Or on Fox. Clearly, the NY Times' Fernanda Santos got it wrong today when it featured a 63 year-old teacher with 39 years of experience, painting him as possibly idealistic and dedicated to the children.
The school covers the cost of the mural, which includes overtime pay for certain teachers; one of them must come in early or stay late to monitor and guide the students at work.“I could buy more books, more computers, but the money is better spent this way,” said the principal, Janice Geary. “Our kids aren’t exposed to a lot of the things privileged kids are. We’re giving them an experience they would never have had.” Mr. Buxton’s classroom looks like a construction zone. There’s a drill on his table, a jigsaw in a cabinet out back, a level on the floor and sketches on the walls.

They actually had to pay teachers when they could get young TFA people who would serve for free? Really, let's get with the program, gang. This guy is costing the city a hundred grand a year. You can practically get 2 and a half Educators for Excellence teachers (is Charlie Sheen available?) for him. Art, shmart. Obviously, Santos is making amends for her puff piece on E4E recently (Education Notes: Samantha Sherwood, Another TFA/E4E Sob Story in ....). Not a bad job but she still owes - like when people like Sam Coleman, Lisa Campbell or Julie Cavanagh get a front page feature as idealistic young teachers who support teacher rights with a link to GEM all will be forgiven.

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