Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blogging from Comm Bd 12

Funny how pro charter people go first and Noguera and Merriman have to leave early.
Merriman didengenuous. Attacks Tweed management as way to defend charters but he doesn't exist without Tweed support. He is a Tweed partner. So trashing them.

Mona is here. Her voice will be needed. Still no DOE rep. Their trying to dig one up. Hey, send Cathie Black.

Suny bureaucrat Sue Miller Barker. I don't follow this closely and how I wish the late Dee Alpert were here.
Jeez. It's all about how kids perform on state exams. No other factor mentioned. Pathetic. Talking about how failed charter school - Harlem Day- turned over to Democ Prep. Why not back to the losers at Tweed, also your partner? Oh that's right, maybe because a union involved? Ignore that issue. Another sickening performance. "We care about high quality schools for kid.

Moderator. Allow 2 questions for each from audience. But of course they will leave before hearing other side from Julie and Mona.

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