Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Jamaica HS Student's Outrage Puts Dennis Walcott's Hypocrisy to Shame

Updated: Sunday, May 22, 8AM

I wrote on Friday night, on the eve of a supposed panel where Dennis Walcott would have to be face to face with teacher Julie Cavanagh and parent Mona Davids
The idea of Walcott actually having to face a classroom teacher whose school has suffered a charter invasion by the son of a billionaire contributor to Bloomberg is less likely than the end of all time.
Well I was correct in my assumption as Walcott didn't show after the event was widely advertized.

The back story is that we heard there were attempts to have Julie and Mona removed from the panel. When that failed, attempts were made to divide into 2 panels, thus insulating Walcott. When that failed, he just didn't show.

Not that NY Charter Center shill James Merriman and SUNY's Pedro Noguerra did an better. Both left for "other" engagements before Julie or Mona got to speak.

Walcott has the nerve to attack the union law suit on closing schools as being all about adults and not students? Walcott's slap in the face of Community Board 12 by not showing up at their conference yesterday was all about an adult - Walcott - who clearly feared facing a teacher (Julie Cavanagh) and a charter school parent (Mona Davids) who would have punched a thousand holes in his claim to be about children first. Ditto the other Tweed slugs like Shael Polokaw-Suransky who made sure I couldn't tape his "debate" with Leonie Haimson where she kicked his ass all over the place. These Tweedies won't face anyone with a brain and a vocal chord. If they saw Diane Ravitch walking down the street they would run the other way.

Listen to this Jamaica HS student defend her school in a video I shot on Jan. 20, 2011. This child was so powerful in her presentation, we wanted to use a lot more in our film but just couldn't manage to get it in. She is such a force that we put her into the first 30 seconds of the movie.

Walcott and ed deformers talk about choice. What choice is this child being given?

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