Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Raging Horse Sends Up Christie Harvard Appearance

I'm hopefully on a plane back from Paris as you read this. It's been hard to keep up with everything while I was away, but I wanted to get this link in on Christie at Harvard, along with this citation from an old and prescient Michael Fiorillo piece at Ed Notes (excuse spelling stuff - french spell check doesn't quite work out.) Sorry, I can't make any fat jokes about Christie since I ate enough here to be almost his size.

From Raging Horse blog:

For more on Harvard’s relationship to labor read Michael Fiorillo’s excellent piece, Ivy League Union Busting, then and Now at  http://ednotesonline.blogspot.com/2010/09/michael-fiorillo-at-nyc-educator-blog.html

So, Chris Christie, the grotesques Governor of New Jersey,   visits Harvard Graduate School of Education and is embraced as one their own.

If nothing else, the friendly reception that this vicious vulgar clown received from grad students and staff at this pinnacle of higher education provides yet another clear example of how thoroughly and mindlessly liberal institutions have abandoned and betrayed the working people of this country, and how completely and uncritically they have embraced the suicidal, neo-fascist policies of the corporate state.
Central to those polices is the total destruction of labor unions and with them, worker rights. Central to the total destruction of labor unions is the total destruction of America’s teacher unions.
Christie’s reception by these students  is especially disturbing because of the fact that their Harvard degrees and the built-in old boy and old gal networks that such degrees provide will just about guarantee these very students  will be “fast tracked” into positions of influence and power –   that much faster  if they’re singing corporate hymns.
Christie and the Harvard Graduate School of Education dwell, apparently in an enviously untroubled, strangely one dimensional and curiously microscopic world. 


Send In the Clown (Don’t Bother, He’s Here.)

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