Sunday, October 28, 2012

hush, hush, sweet charlotte. . . . . . from Rob Rendo

Cartoon by Robert Rendo.

Robert Rendo gives free and permanent license to anyone who wishes to use this image in their literature, tweets, websites, blogs, etc. to fight the corporate education reform agenda and to restore public education to educators and cognitive scientists who are maintaining the same fight. While Robert Rendo retains copyright, he encourages everyone to use the free permanent license to utilize the image as advocacy. The sole condition for usage is that the name "Robert Rendo" is credited for the illustration. This notice of free licensure can be used as well and is equally encouraged. If image obtainment is a problem for the reader, please e-mail Robert Rendo at, and he will e-mail the image in any file format the user requests.

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  1. After fumbling through glitches and bugs in Teachscape last year, the district declared they weren't going to use the megabucks application again. Beancounters won and made the suits declare we will use it again "although it hasn't been upgraded or fixed".
    As with the State tests, they did dumb down the classification scores.

    >/= 74 is Highly Effective "Don't expect anyone to achieve that"
    56-73 Is Effective
    40-55 is Developing
    <40 is Ineffective.


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