Monday, October 29, 2012

The Real Perfect Storm

For those who read my last post (A Perfect Storm: Ed Eval, a Contract and ATRs as Unity Shill Peter Goodman Floats (Sellout) Trial Balloon, no, we did not leave Rockaway. And thanks everyone for all your concerns and invitations for us and the cats to come stay. As soon as I told them that due to probable loss of power and/or storm damage we would probably be staying for 3 months I could hear just a bit of waning enthusiasm.

My garage - water came up to the bags this morning at high tide

My new car - water recedes around 10:30AM
We took a walk to the beach at noon and I took some pics and video. We stopped at someone's house who was worried about her car with the surge. I started to panic over my car (above) since we put my wife's in the garage. I felt my car is higher but maybe not high enough. So I raced back home when I realized my next door neighbors left yesterday and their garage has room for my car. Well it is tucked away but if the surge gets in there we are in big trouble -- in terms of our house which could take a long time to be back to normal.

I'm as worried about the bay a half block away as the ocean 4 blocks away. We have a sea wall about 6 feet high. In Hurricane Donna in 1960 the wall wasn't there and the ocean met the bay. It could still happen tonight at high tide. One seeming good thing is that the storm is moving faster and should hit land a few hours before high tide. But we still do have a full moon. I will be howling at it as my basement and possibly higher levels fill with water.

I made a little iphoto slide show with some shaky, bakey video.

Around 12 noon, Monday. Water at high tide around 8AM almost reached the bay, about 4 blocks. By 10:30 it was receding. Next high tide is 8PM tonight, the big one where we expect to take in some water. The idea is to turn my basement into a swimming pool.


  1. Fingers crossed that your house or car takes no damage.

    I was not old enough for Donna, but I remember being around for other hurricanes at Rockaway and worrying about the bay meeting the ocean!

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  4. Hope all is okay. Know you got hit pretty hard. Be safe.

  5. So how are you now. I was thinking about you all day Monday night and saw devastating pics of the Rockaways. Please let us know how things are.



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