Thursday, October 18, 2012

MORE District 15 Happy Hour Friday 4-6PM -

And if you are from another district come on down too. If they don't card 3 month old Jack, MORE presidential candidate Julie Cavanagh will be there too, as will Marissa Torres and maybe Brian Jones.

This is part of the development of the ground game any caucus in the union needs to develop, something that has not happened in the past. MORE has a high concentration of activists in that area of Brooklyn and made an attempt to reach out to as many schools as possible. Hopefully this can be done in other areas soon. I do not see this as something to do in an election year and then drop it until the next time but an ongoing organizing effort. Anyway, sometimes you just have to party instead of holding meetings.

Also -- Saturday MORE will be holding a "Lesson from Chicago event at 3:30 at NYU with Xian Barrett from CORE and Julie Cavanagh from MORE as speakers. I'll post that event separately.

They are busy little bees, aren't they?

And I want to note that yesterday some of us reconnected by email to the always awesome Liza Campbell, now working at a great school in Seattle. How much do we miss her activism, passion and intelligence? Seattle's gain as Washington State fights the Gates machine's attempt to install charters.

(See the also wonderful James Boutin reporting from his job in Seattle on the charter battle: An Urban Teacher's Education
Where the Charter School Initiative in WA Gets its Money and Why I'll Be Voting Against Charter Schools (I-1240) In Washington State).


WHAT: A happy hour! Get to know MORE, (Movement of Rank and FIle Educators) and meet other educators interested in transforming the UFT.

WHEN: This Friday, OCT 19th, 4-6

WHERE: Freddy's Bar, 627 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215, 5th ave between 17th and 18th streets.       (see below for transit options)

WHY. . . .
                 The UFT is the most powerful union in the city. And its OUR union! Yet most members feel discouraged by our leadership's lack of. . .well. . .leadership. 
MORE (Movement of Rank and FIle Educators) believes in a member driven, social justice, social movement oriented union. We envision a union that educates, organizes and mobilizes the membership. We want a union that truly engages in the struggles that affect our students and their communities on a grassroots level; A union that will defend the rights of teachers, promote membership engagement in all aspects of education and fight against racism, poverty and the other social injustices that we and our students face every day. 
Come, have a drink, relax and meet other educators from District 15 and beyond who share this vision and want to know MORE about how they can get involved. 
Meet some of the teachers who will be running on the MORE slate in the union wide elections this spring and build solidarity with your fellow educators.

Subway: R to Prospect Avenue in Brooklyn, F/G to 4th ave and 9th st.
Bus: B63 to 5th Avenue and either Prospect Avenue or 18th Street.

Questions or RSVP (not necessary, but helpful)

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  1. Norm,
    I hope you are sending flyers to every school in the district. So how is word getting out????

    I taught at 3 schools in D 15, so I know the area well. You should try to make the next venues closer to Borough Park and Carroll Gardens.


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