Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TEP: Hey, Buddy, Wanna Teach for 125 Grand? Maybe Not

Yikes!  TEP still hiring, one month into the school year! ---Susan C

Where's 60 Minutes and NY Times with follow-up stories after such glowing stories when TEP started?

Remember- teachers in the ed deform myth do it for money. One would think they should be breaking down the doors of Zeke's castle - er - trailer.

Remember a year ago at Education Nation at the premiere of American Teacher celebrated Zeke and TEP, which had lured a Harvard grad teacher away from Jersey who ended up being a low rated teacher based on flawed val-added? Not her fault in the real reform world but if u jump at the money u take a hit.

Meanwhile Jamie Fidler the real hero of AM Teacher is still teaching in a pub school in bklyn and is part of the MORE activist community which not only celebrates all teachers but joins in the social justice battle against poverty.

Susan C. sent this to nycednews:

Yikes!  TEP still hiring, one month into the school year!  Must be doubling up classes after all! Either that, or hiring lots of subs at way-below $125,000/yr. rate, one would assume.  Who gets to pocket the difference?

Open Teaching Positions (Below):
TEP is currently accepting applications for the open teaching positions listed below. While TEP has filled the majority of its teaching positions, we are looking to bolster our current staff by adding teachers in the subject areas listed below.

Social Studies Teacher
English Language Arts Teacher
Special Education Teacher [Learn more about Special Ed Positions]
Mathematics Teacher
Science Teacher
Physical Education Teacher [Learn about PE Positions]
Music Teacher – All music positions have been filled. [Learn more about Music Positions]

From: Leonie Haimson

Video of Cenk Uygur from Current TV on WBD propaganda film & producer Philip Anschutz; nice!
Including interview clip of Pam Grundy of Mecklenburg Acts
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