Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Battle of New Orleans: Support Karran Harper Royal

New Orleans is ground zero in the war to privatize education. Remember Arne Duncan's "The best thing to happen to NO was hurricane Katrina."

I just sent Karran a hundred bucks after Diane's plea (below). Just watch this video of Karran I shot at SOS this past summer and you'll know why. Karran is part of a network of amazing parents associated with Parents Across America, which Leonie Haimson helped get going.

(By the way, Leonie is coming out to Rockaway this Monday to speak at the CEC 27 event. I will be there to tape it.)

SOS12 Karran Harper Royal: How [some] African Americans and Civil Rights Leaders Got on the Wrong Side of the Ed Reform Movement from Grassroots Education Movement on Vimeo.

Karran Royal Thanks You–and Me

by dianerav
Yesterday I urged you to send donations to help Karran Harper Royal in her campaign to win a seat on the New Orleans school board.
Karran faces an uphill battle against the leader of the charter sector in New Orleans, who has received $110,000 from the supporters of privatization.
I sent her $100 via Paypal. Others sent whatever they could: $5, $10, $20, $50, or more. If 1,000 people who read this post each sent Karran $10, we could match the campaign fund of the privatizers. If each sent $20---well, you can do the math. We can make a difference for an articulate, brave, dedicated and clear-eyed parent advocate.
Karran has stood up for public education. Let's help her.
This is the email I received this morning.
Hi Diane,
Thank you so much for your blog post regarding my campaign. Today I began receiving donations from various parts of the US and was very confused. I haven't had a chance to be online, so I did not know at the time about your blog post and it was tweeted by one of my Parents Across America members as well. I just knew that within a short period of time I was receiving donations from people I did not know. I was baffled. It is heartwarming to see that people are supporting my candidacy because they believe in me. It's especially special to me that you are supporting me and would write such a lovely post. I am so honored. Again, thank you very much.
Karran Harper Royal #86
Orleans Parish School Board, District 3
Let's Redefine Reform
Twitter @Karran4Kids
Facebook Karran4Kids
Donations Accepted
Make Checks Payable to:
Karran Harper Royal Campaign Fund
P.O. Box 791834
New Orleans, LA 70179

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  1. Thanks Norm. This was great to hear. I just sent in a donation.


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