Friday, October 12, 2012

UFT Calls ATR Meetings in Response to Independent Organizing

---interesting how the UFT ATR meetings were announced the very day that atr's were having their own meeting!  Very interesting in deed! --- a NYC ATR
As ususal, the UFT only responds when signs of revolt are brewing see  NEST+M Teachers Meet With Mulgrew).

Here is the announcement of the ATR meeting this past Weds.
       ATRs Meet Wed. Oct 10 5pm - Inform Atrs in your schools...

The UFT is a demilitarized zone where any signs of attempted militancy are buried.

Below, note the email below (in red) from Amy Arundell sent out around 8PM on Oct. 10, the day the GEM ATR committee held a meeting. 

First, here is a response from an ATR, in blue:
My two cents: in general, when union administrators start seeing the rank and file members start taking actions that administrators should be taking (for example have meetings with ATRs, making an email list to stay in touch with ATRs, and other organizing activities), then the Union Administration starts to take action.
Often the union administration's response is often just the appearance of a response.  For example there are a growing number of members who are willing to take political against mayoral control.  So the union made a committee to "look into that."  (This was in this past June, at the Delagate Assembly). There was someone at the DA that commented: "didn't we do that  years ago?"  

To me, it seems, the Union is setting up another committee to think about possibly going against mayoral control, just to give the impression that it is doing something.  The committee will probably come up with some weak response, or in another five years another committee will be formed, and someone will say, again, "didn't we form a committee years ago?"

I am not totally putting down the administrators.  They have accomplished many good things (more than Chicago). But in terms of going against mayoral control, they could definitely do better.  And the way to get them to have a stronger response is to start organizing members.  And one way to start doing that is to get as many emails from the UFT ATR meetings as possible.  When  ATRs are isolated from each other they are very weak and in the dark. Being connected and forming an unofficial union chapter is an important step to get better responses from the official union.  (Can you believe this: it seems that we have to form a union inside of a union?!)
From:  "Amy Arundell, UFT Special Representative" <>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 18:51:26 -0400
Subject: Informational meetings for ATRs

The union is holding a series ofinformational meetings at  borough offices this fall forteachers, guidance counselors and social workers  in excess.These meetings were organized to answer your questions aboutyour  rights and responsibilities as members serving in theATR pool.All meetings will be held from 4-6p.m. You will meet your  borough representative, districtrepresentatives and other borough staff who  are there tosupport you.The meeting dates, locations andparticipants are as  follows:    Tuesday, Oct.16,  Staten Island Borough Office, for teachers,guidance counselors and social  workers
    Wednesday, Oct.24,  Bronx Borough Office, for teachers, guidancecounselors and social workers
   Thursday, Oct.25,  Brooklyn Borough Office, for teachersONLY
    Monday, Oct.29,  Brooklyn Borough Office, for guidancecounselors and social workers ONLY
    Thursday, Nov.1,  Manhattan Borough Office, for teachers,guidance counselors and social workers
    Monday, Nov.5,  Queens Borough Office, for teachers, guidancecounselors and social workers
We welcome your attendance.Sincerely,Amy Arundell
UFT Special Representative                                                                      
I'm adding this news from the NEW Caucus in Newark (a CORE/MORE type).

NEW Caucus Members and Supporters:

Tomorrow, NEW Caucus is leading the session at Abbot Leadership

Details below - See you all there! 
CLASS THREE: The Newark Public Schools “Teacher Pool”

Some Newark Public School teachers are being paid, but are not working (Employees Without Placement). Many of these teachers have been displaced due to school closures and consolidations. What’s up with that?
Join us and the NEW Caucus as they break down the “who” and “why” of the Newark Public Schools teacher pool.  This is a class all parents, teachers, administrators, concerned community members and students should attend!
Guest Presenters: NEW CAUCUS

-Leah Z. Owens, Newark Educator
-Branden Rippey, Newark Educator
-Brian Hohmann, Newark Educator
-Hafeezah Abdullah, Newark Educator
-Jason Hopkins, Newark Educator


  1. What were the results of the GEM ATR meeting? I have not seen a posting indicating what decisions were made as a result of that meeting? Was there any discussion that a number of ATR's had consulted legal counsel seeking representation? Was there any discussion that a list of all of the ATR's became available?

    1. I wasn't in town so I don't know. Postings will take place on the listserve and not necessarily the blogs as there are some people concerned about being able to keep certain things private -- though listserves can certainly be leaky.

  2. Norm, I am an ATR in Brooklyn. Who received this email from Arandle? When I called the Brooklyn UFT Office, I spoke with 2 UFT staff members who were unaware of any scheduled meetings.

    In my travels, several ATRs told me when they inquired about their ATR status, they were referred to a condescending jerk who kept repeating, "you are lucky to have a job." Was this Arandle?

  3. People on the GEMATR listserve were sending it out and I have the original.
    I got the time wrong -- Amy sent it out around 6PM.
    I don't feel Amy would be nasty as that isn't her manner. She is basically competent in what she does but people send mixed reactions to how she is handling the ATR situation, mostly negative.

  4. Here is a tweet in response from Carol Burris who just may be the most respected principal in the nation. She offers a stronger statement of support than the UFT:
    Carol Burris
    @NormScott1 how about using ATRs to provide support in classrooms? Parents should demand it. Waste of talent


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