Thursday, October 4, 2012

MORE's Fred Arcoleo Serenades Chicago Teachers

Fred, a former Chapter Leader and currently a delegate sent this to the MORE discussion list:
I was honored to be able to sing one of my songs for the Chicago teachers while I was in Chicago during the last days of the strike. They were taking a break from the picket line and intensely discussing the contract offer. You'll see me with my brand-new MORE T-shirt and hear at the end of the song how I talk about MORE and what we're trying to do. One of the teachers caught it on video and sent it to me. 
I had the honor of visiting Chicago teacher strikers this weekend and spent the day at the picket line outside Carson Elementary School in Chicago. During a later discussion about the strike, I played this song, "We Are the Ones," dedicating it to the strikers and their valiant efforts to combat attacks on students and teachers nation(world)wide. Thanks to Kwan Fong, a teacher at Carson, for taking the video.

I hope to make music part of our movement!

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