Monday, October 22, 2012

Message from An ATR

I received this from an anonymous ATR -- I don't know who it is but this is worthwhile posting. The suggestion is for all ATRs to come to this meeting rather than waiting for their own borough as a show of strength. Interesting idea but will lots of people shlep to the Bronx? If this doesn't work I suggest the Manhattan meeting as a central location to the whole city. Here is the list of meetings again if you missed by post earlier in the day (which you should absolutely read): Enter the Demilitarized Zone: ATR Borough Meetings This Week/Wine and Cheese Videos Reprise Sellout

Weds, Oct. 24, Bronx Borough Office
Thurs. Oct. 25, Bklyn Borough Off - teachers only
Mon. Oct. 29, Bklyn BO - guid and social workers only
Thurs. Nov. 1, Man BO - everyone
Mon Nov. 5 - Queens BO - everyone

In the meantime I believe there will be an ATR meeting at the Skylight Diner (34th St and 9th Ave, Man - across from B&H) on Thurs. Nov. 8 at 5PM. Check back here or the NYCATR blog for updates.

Important information for city-wide ATR's (ALL TITLES)
This week on Wednesday, October 24, there is a meeting for all ATR's at the UFT Bronx Office.  Not surprisingly this meeting is buried on the UFT calendar:

ATR's of all titles are invited to attend this informational Q & A session on ATR-related issues and to meet the representatives of the Bronx Borough Office.

It has been suggested by an ATR who has assumed a leadership role, that ALL ATR's, including those on the GEM listserve attend the Bronx meeting in order to speed up the rapidly moving organization of ATR's.

Should the meeting turn out to be a performance by Amy Arundell whining, "you're lucky to have a job," then all attendees at the meeting can quickly retreat to the parking area to exchange contact information which will further strengthen the ATR movement.

It has been reported that a list of city-wide ATR's has recently surfaced. Hopefully, this list can be used to urge attendance at the ATR meetings.

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