Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where's the Value-Added? WBD worst opening weekend EVER for movie in wide release

Is there a rubber room for truly incompetent film directors? ---Fred Smith
Despite the millions spent promoting the film by CBS, NBC, advance screenings by the distributor (Murdoch), and through TV ads (by producer Anschutz), "Won't Back Down" had the WORST opening for ANY film in wide release (2500+ theaters) in at least thirty years, or since data is available.   

Leonie Haimson

Steve Koss:
So then, according to the strict accountability measures so beloved of the ed deformers, we should see:

a. At least one studio executive fired for earning such an obvious "F" on his/her movie Report Card;
b. At least one script writer demoted to copyist;
c. A director removed from movie-making responsibility and placed instead in a senior studio management position (a la standard DOE practice);
d. At least one studio executive blasting the Screen Actors Guild and the related movie industry unions for placing their self-interest ahead of the entertainment enjoyment of the American public and calling for elimination of unions from the film industry;
e. The entire movie cast fired from their positions with the requirement that they must apply to be rehired at half their prior pay; and 
f. Rush Limbaugh publicly calling Maggie Gyllenhaal a "slut." 

Sorry, that last one wasn't serious. 

Steve Koss (Mathman)

Fred Smith writes:
Mathman, you nailed it.
Seems like we should also expect a few of the backers and mega-talents who made We Won't Back Down to move up.  If they can't get another film gig, they can always be tapped as school leaders. Michael B. DeMillions can surely find openings for them.
The less gifted among them can be put on some high school's audio/visual squad (I'm dating myself) where they can learn their craft.
Is there a rubber room for truly incompetent film directors?  Or an Oscar category for outstandingly bad movies? 

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