Friday, October 19, 2012

Weingarten Praises Newark Merit Pay Scheme: NEW Caucus Calls for NO Vote

Newark Public Schools and the Newark Teachers Union have reached a tentative deal that includes a universal salary scale linking teacher bonuses to classroom performance — making the district the first in New Jersey to implement a merit-pay program ....HufPo
“This agreement is a win for students, a win for teachers and a win for Newark," American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten said in a statement Thursday. "It recognizes the quality of educators’ work, values their experience and training, ensures they have a say in decisions affecting teaching and learning in their schools, and makes teacher retention a priority by, among other things, adjusting salaries to allow teachers to earn more money earlier in their careers." -- HufPo
Remember the days when Randi used to claim that only school-wide and not individual merit pay would be acceptable? After the Chicago story of resistance here is another sellout. Given the national situation I'm still surprised that Randi would be so openly supportive of a situation so contrary to Chicago. But on the other side, an upper level Chicago union leader made the case for Randi by saying, "What can she do when the local leadership is weak or sucks other than support the best deal she could? In our case with strong leadership she has been OK." I don't buy it.

See: Jersey Jazzman
Questions Newark Teachers MUST Ask About Their Contract

This came across on Facebook:
Katie Stafford StromHave to share my friend and Newark super-teacher Leah Z Owens's status from last night: "Dear Cami, I forfeit the $12K bonus I'm going to earn (no ego) so that the money can go toward hiring another history teacher at Central High so my colleague doesn't have to have 38 students in his class. Thanks in advance, Leah"
This contract is the beginning of the end of the salary structure. We know how this drill will end. Most salaries will in the long run go down as the highest paid teachers will be rated poorly, then fired and replaced with shorter-term newbies while a few will get merit pay.
Teachers rated “effective” or “highly effective” under a new evaluation system will be eligible for annual bonuses ranging from $2,000 to $12,500, according to a NTU statement Thursday. The new contract also includes $31 million in “retroactive pay” divided among all union members to compensate for the two years since the current deal expired on July 1, 2010. The new agreement will be in effect until June 30, 2015.
The $31 million is short term bribe money to get the teachers to vote YES but they will pay many times over if they accept these relative crumbs.

Vote NO! to merit pay! Vote NO! to the privatization of public education. This contract has the purpose of pushing out veteran teachers and oiling up the revolving door of TFAers! How can the NTU agree to no difference in pay for teachers who have earned MASTER'S and PHDs??

Here is some info from the Newark Education Workers (NEW) Caucus, which appears to be a sister-type group to MORE and CORE. I wish MORE had a monthly hard copy newsletter like the one below. Maybe soon.  I have a copy of the contract -- email me at if interested.

Let your voice be heard!

Come together to discuss the POSSIBLE new contract, 
and help decide if NEW Caucus should support a slate for NTU leadership this spring!

  Wednesday, October 24, the NEW Caucus is holding a MAJOR ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING. 


Wednesday, October 24, 4:30-6:30
American History High School
74 Montgomery Street
Attached is the October Issue of NEW VIEWS
Articles on the Chicago Teachers Strike and Banks Profiting from Charter Schools! [SEE BELOW]

And, oh, one last thing...
Attached is the proposed Contract!  

Read and digest... [EMAIL ME]

In Solidarity,
Newark Education Workers Caucus
(NEW Caucus)


  1. Teachers better be ready to take that knife out of their backs if they agree to this. If indeed Newark teachers are weak, then Randi's appearance should have mobilized them. Or better yet, have Karen Lewis pay a visit.

    Keep in mind what happened to NYC when Randi agreed to givebacks for more pay. The results were horrible.

  2. Randi Weingarten and Cami Anderson

    Two know-nothing educators with a combined 2 and 1/2 years teaching experience.

    They are both education vultures. They use others' ideas and experiences to get ahead in their careers.

    I'm sure they enjoyed a few wines together after the agreement was reached.

    What a sad, sad country we have become.


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