Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Washington Irving Campus Acts Up Against Eva Moskowitz Invasion

Evil has been given a reported 27 rooms in the school, prime real estate located in the heart of Gramercy Park, the most outrageous land grab since the railroad barons.


Press Release Subject: Opposition to Eva Moskowitz’ Elementary School Co-Location at Washington Irving High School Campus, 40 Irving Place, Manhattan, Union Square.

Parent & Teacher Rally &
Press Conference

Thursday, Oct. 25th, 2012
5pm, Main Entrance Stairs 
(before the start of Parent Teacher Conferences)

Public Hearing: Nov. 1, 6PM -

Anti Moskowitz Co-location Rally at Washington Irving
October 18, 2012

Video at: http://vimeo.com/m/51866144
We made this happen today! Against all odds (a beaten down rest staff of the phasing out original school, 2 brand new schools with hardly any union structure and 2 other fairly new schools) we united the campus in opposition to this handover of public space to a private buddy of the mayor. 72 members of our community came out! Our UFT Manhattan Borough office is standing behind us full force and the administrations from inside were rooting for us as well! We had a constructive dialogue with all the Principals last week and they understand that we fight for our schools, the schools they lead.

Below, some excerpts of rally speeches:
Together WE are the leaders of this movement!

We have a voice and we will be heard!

Today, we put Bloomberg and Moskowitz on notice!

We don’t want Eva Moskowitz inside our campus!

We don’t welcome bullies!

She makes parents play lottery for seats in her schools.

We have advice for her! CO-LOCATE to Vegas if you like to gamble!

We fight for a quality education for ALL students!

We work with ELL students, we work with poor students, we work with hungry students, we work with homeless students, we work with special ed students.

We don’t get rid of them because they might score low on tests!

We love our students! (heart signs up!)

An elementary school inside our campus is a bad fit!

OUR Barry Faulkner murals might have to go for her new cafeteria.

Faulkner’s Murals grace the walls of the National Archives in DC!

Eva, don’t even think about putting your hands on our murals.

This is public art!

We fight for Public education!

Keep the the public in public education!

We are the public!

We are what democracy looks like!

Bloomberg wants to give three floors of our school to his friend?

We don’t approve!

Whose schools? OUR Schools!

Mayor Bloomberg ONE TWO THREE. GO away and let us BE!

Bloomberg & Moskowitz want to turn education into a business. Their bottom line is: Profits!

Our bottom line is: Quality education for ALL students.

We are fighting an uphill battle

but we fight it with dignity and pride!

And we know that what we do is right by our students. Thats the only thing that matters.

This is a fight Good vs EVA!

Handing over schools to rich buddies is NOT the answer!

Closing Schools is not the answer.

Funding our schools is the answer!

The only one who used our library in the last 3 years was Bloomberg. He gave a press conference. We have not had a librarian for 3 years for our students!

That’s whats going on here!

Separate and Unequal? Charter Schools.

Quality Education for ALL? Public Schools!

This is the civil rights issue of our time!

We won’t back down!

fighting for our student

fighting for our schools.

They thought we wouldn’t care. Boy are they wrong. We care every day! We are teachers, that’s what we do!

Press Release:
Thursday, Oct. 18th, 2012
7:20 am,  Main Entrance Stairs
The community of teachers, parents, and students is enraged that the DOE intends to put an elementary charter school, led by Eva Moskowitz, into the Washington Irving High School campus. 
They believe that it is a bad fit for a school that is predominantly filled with high school students and fear that the loss of 3 floors, 27 full sized classrooms, and numerous support rooms will take away resources, space and opportunities from their students. 
They also fear that some of the famous Barry Faulkner Murals will fall victim to the construction of a new cafeteria and that some of the scenes that feature tasteful nudity, and scenes of  historic battles, might be censored to make them “1st grade friendly”. 
They will speak out in strong opposition to the DOE proposal at the rally and press conference.
Their announced agenda is: Fighting for a quality education for ALL of their students
Education is not a lottery. Those who want to play lottery with other people's children should co-locate into a casino in Vegas.

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