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MORE general Meeting: Saturday Oct. 13, Noon-3pm

Building a rigorous and effective alternative to Unity Caucus is the single most important method of getting the UFT leadership to function in the true interests of the rank and file. A caucus doesn't even have to win any seats in an election in an inherently undemocratic structure but win enough votes to shake the tree.

Then there are the schools themselves where a caucus can start breaking the Unity hold by organizing chapters so that the Delegate Assembly no longer remains a lock for Unity.

Have you read about Julie Cavanagh in various publications or Portelos live streaming from the rubber room? Or Brian Jones appearing on major education panels? Or the fiery words from Michael Fiorillo or Patrick Walsh or James Eterno? All MORE members with lots of new stars to come.

All balls are in play as the new MORE caucus gets rolling in a manner I haven't seen in my over 40 years of activism. Still lots of hurdles to cross, mainly in expanding outreach to the schools.

So jump on board this fast moving train.

I don't have to tell readers of ednotes online over the past 6 years or the published version of Education Notes over the past 15 years how Unity has assisted the deformers in dismantling the public schools, not just in the lack of organizing a massive fightback but in actually cooperating.

An uprising out of the schools is where it begins. MORE is committed to monthly meetings. This Saturday MORE hopes to have the top 5 positions for the upcoming uft elections in place, with a great choice for a candidate to challenge Mulgrew if the MORE members endorse. You can be part of the process by joining MORE.

Here is the announcement:

Join MORE members for our next general meeting this Saturday, October 13th.

We will be discussing the upcoming UFT elections and voting on the top five positions of the slate.

Bios of the candidates will be sent out this week in our weekly update.

We will also hold committee meetings as well as breakout sessions to tackle the work we face in the coming months.

Did you know 217 schools qualify for closing under the New York City Department of Education guidelines?

We will hold breakout groups to launch our efforts to support, educate, organize and mobilize around this issue and MORE!

October 13th 12-3 pm
CUNY Graduate Center
365 5th Ave @ 34th St.
Rm. 5409.  Bring ID.

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Wednesday, October 10th

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