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Enter the Demilitarized Zone: ATR Borough Meetings This Week/Wine and Cheese Videos Reprise Sellout

At the very moment independent ATRs were meeting on Oct. 10, the UFT announced borough meetings starting this week (other than Staten Island which was last week). In typical cynical fashion, the UFT's aim is to curtail the growing militancy of ATRs.

Weds, Oct. 24, Bronx Borough Office
Thurs. Oct. 25, Bklyn Borough Off - teachers only
Mon. Oct. 29, Bklyn BO - guid and social workers only
Thurs. Nov. 1, Man BO - everyone
Mon Nov. 5 - Queens BO - everyone

I don't know the starting time. If you do leave a comment.

Watch the videos below: 

Nothing better illustrates the sell-out of not only ATRs but the entire teaching corps, all of whom are potential ATRs, than the Nov. 2008 ATR rally at Tweed that caused so much panic at both Tweed and 52 Broadway that the Gang of 2 were forced to come up with an "agreement" the day before followed by the infamous UFT wine and cheese diversion to get people away from Tweed.

We (David Bellel and I) taped both the wine and cheese event and the rally. You can hear Randi yelling at me, "Norman put down that camera." On the walk over to Tweed she tried to cajole me into giving her the tape.

I urge you to watch the videos, often shot on the run so excuse the production quality. (By the way, the guys who did the rubber room movie also tried to tape the wine and cheese event but were refused.)

This rally led in essence to the founding of GEM when Angel Gonzalez and I (and a few others) organized an ICE committee to focus on ATRs.

Here is an excerpt from a Jan. 29, 2009 Ed Notes posting, just as what became GEM was meeting for the first time, on my post titled:

A Tale of Two Rallies: or
A Tale of a Rally and A Wine and Cheese Party
On November 24, 2008, teachers without positions, known as ATRs, held a rally at Tweed. They had forced the UFT to endorse the rally but in the interim the UFT signed an agreement with the DOE. The leadership called for an information meeting at UFT HQ, a mile away at the very same time the rally was due to start. Mass confusion. I taped the UFT HQ while David Bellel did the rally. The back story is how desperate UFT leaders were to suppress the tape I made. In fact, today at the Delegate Assembly they will pass a gag rule to try to prevent future embarrassment.

Part 1: I mix footage from  David at Tweed and my tape at the wine and cheese event.


Part 2
UFT leaders with some ATRs who went to the info session march -er- meander up Broadway to Tweed where the 2 forces meet. Unity is outnumbered and Randi is heckled as she speaks. Note: She congratulates the people who called for the rally, saying there would not have been an agreement with the DOE if not for the rally. Less than an hour before she gave the people at the info meeting the reverse message: that in these bad economic times, things like rallies and militancy are not wise. No wonder they didn't want me to tape. 

Then they passed a resolution (call it the Stop taping Norman reso) banning taping. Details here:  UFT Responds to Ed Notes Taping of ATR Info Sessio...  

Here is the memo from Amy Arundell


Important information for city-wide ATR's (ALL TITLES)

From: "Amy Arundell, UFT Special Representative"  
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 18:51:26 -0400 
Subject: Informational meetings for ATRs 

Dear colleagues,  
The union is holding a series of informational meetings at borough offices this fall forteachers, guidance counselors and social workers in excess.These meetings were organized to answer your questions about your rights and responsibilities as members serving in the ATR pool. All meetings will be held from 4-6p.m. You will meet your borough representative, district representatives and other borough staff who are there to support you.

The meeting dates, locations and participants are as follows: 

Tuesday, Oct.16, Staten Island Borough Office, for teachers,guidance counselors and social workers  

Wednesday, Oct.24, Bronx Borough Office, for teachers, guidance counselors and social workers  

Thursday, Oct.25, Brooklyn Borough Office, for teachers ONLY  

Monday, Oct.29, Brooklyn Borough Office, for guidance counselors and social workers ONLY  

Thursday, Nov.1, Manhattan Borough Office, for teachers,guidance counselors and social workers  

Monday, Nov.5, Queens Borough Office, for teachers, guidance counselors and social workers. We welcome your attendance.  


Amy Arundell UFT Special Representative

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