Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Civil Rights Issue of Our Time: Newark Principal Sam Garrison Threats and Intimidation Force Basketball Players to Take PARCC Test

Bob Braun's Ledger

IS THIS BULLYING? The boys' basketball team at the Camden Street School apologized to the principal, Sam Garrison, for refusing to take the PARCC test. The children agreed to take the test. They said they apologized so they could continue to play their first game on Saturday, so Garrison would stop questioning their friends, and so the team would get funding next year. The crisis teacher is still asking students where they got their opt-out letters and the students have been asked to write letters.
Does anyone out there care about what is going on? Don't forget--this is state run district so it is the state's agents who are doing this. Save Our Schools? Where are you? ACLU-where are you? Mayor Ras Baraka--you said you would support those who opted out--and so where are you?

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Anonymous said...

Garrison was threatened with loss of funding.