Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cami Anderson, in Newark, Uses Terror Tactics Against Union Leader

Cami Anderson and her mentors - Christie and Joel Klein - are out and out criminals and should be the ones charged with trespassing.

Bob Braun's Ledger

THE ORGANIZATION DIRECTOR OF THE NEWARK TEACHERS UNION--has been charged by the Newark school administration with "defiant trespass" after he visited a school that was involved in a personal tragedy with serious implications for staff--the death of a 6-year-old child, apparently from meningitis. John Abeigon learned of the charges against him only after receiving letters in the mail from lawyers offering to represent him. Abeigon, a NTU vice president who could lose his teaching licenses if convicted, visited teachers at the school--permitted by the NTU contract--and had called attention to the failure of the administration to clean it after the death of the child. The state administration of the district, led by Christie-appointed superintendent Cami Anderson, had falsely reported that the child had not been in school for 10 days before his death and therefore posed no threat to children and school employees. It turned out, said a spokeswoman for Anderson, that the child had been in school when he was contagious. Abeigon's critical remarks of the handling of the charges have been met with criminal charges. More about the incident as part of the continuing failure of Anderson to keep good attendance records in a later blog.


Anonymous said...

The NTU now has to expend resources on defending itself. I am proud to be a member.

Anonymous said...

cami anderson please leave the education business alone and get into the real world of business if you want to act like a tough guy