Wednesday, March 4, 2015

6:30 p.m.—Fariña takes part in an Educators 4 Excellence discussion about Common Core and special education. Scholastic Auditorium, 557 Broadway, Manhattan

An indefensible act by Farina.  
Does anything change from the Bloomberg admin, recognizing the E4E ed deform shills? I guess money talks.

MORE Chapter Leader Patrick Walsh comments:
What's changing is the ground beneath our feet as as absurdities like E$E are given ever more credibility and become more and more institutionalized.  An indefensible act by Farina.  
George Schmidt called me to say E4E has now landed in Chicago, where I'm sure Rahm and crew will give them access to the schools to try to undermine the union. 

Farina should be at the PS 261K event at 6:30 today, where educators like Carol Burris will be headlining a panel discussion, along with MOREs Sam Coleman and Brian Jones.

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"The friend of my enemy is my enemy"