Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thanks for all the birthday wishes as I exited my 60s

March 4, 2015 - Post-Birthday

I have no easy way to thank all the people who messaged on facebook, texted, emailed and called - especially former students from the early 80s, including Maria Crespo from Sydney, Australia. I would have invited all of you to the birthday bash - if there was one. My wife actually threatened to throw one but I balked. She insisted doing it 20 years ago for my 50th and that was more than enough -- Joel is still mad for not being invited (shhhh - I'm making believe for his sake we didn't really have that wild party yesterday.)

I went to the gym on my birthday and when the machine asked for my age it was the first time I entered "70." The good thing is that I don't need as high a pulse rate to be rated "fit." Can't wait for 80.

Since I was a boy, my mom would get me a custard-filled eclair on my birthday, which my wife continued yesterday. In case you can't see, there IS whipped cream on my nose. (Wish my tongue were longer.)

She also bought me a shower radio in an effort to get me to shower more than once a month. (No photos of that gruesome sight.)

Then she took me out to Gato for a fabulous meal, including this pasta dish. We even took some leftovers home - very rare for me to leave anything on the plate.

When we started out at 5PM the weather was awful but on the way home it was just raining.

And when we got home there was this piece of fiction:

And then this morning, back to work on the house, where I will attempt to install a GFI in my garage.

I thought the weather would be bad today so I could stay home. But it is was not terrible and I had a busy day of attending a 3020a hearing and then was off to the PS 261 opt-out forum with my video camera - and what an amazing forum. Video will be up tomorrow.


Patrick Walsh said...

Bless you Norm Scott.

turtlelearning said...

Love your energy and enthusiasm!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! You're a Pisces just like Auggie.

I noticed that... said...

You look fantastic. Blogging, for some reason, makes you look vitalized. I'm always amazed how much energy you have to attend so many protests, meetings, and to write your blog. I hope that I have that much energy and stamina when I'm your age. Just typing this comment makes me want to take a nap. ;-)

God bless you!