Saturday, March 28, 2015

Opt Out: CORE CAUCUS (CHICAGO) does what Unity caucus won't

What a shame that tiny grassroots groups like Change the Stakes has to strain its resources to reach out to parents when the uft has the infrastructure to reach every school in the city -- just watch them when there's a lousy contract to pass or a uft election. I helped Mike Schirtzer write this plank in the MORE testing reso turned down at the DA.

CTS has the kind of resources you can use on its site.

NEW!!! Opting Out of the State ELA & Math Tests in NYC: Frequently Asked Questions

Share with your colleagues and parents -- opt out is our only defense against the onslaught and the uft is missing in action.

CORE which runs the 2nd largest teacher union in the nation has a different approach: provides resources to teachers and parents. Here are a few.

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