Tuesday, March 31, 2015

MORE calls on the Mayor and Chancellor to remove Dewey principal as investigation is conducted

Ed Notes readers know all about Dewey Principal Kathleen Elvin. The MORE statement below talks about the March 25 PEP meeting where Marcia Kramer directly challenged Farina on the Dewey case. In fact we know that Tweed has been informed for a very long time - even by UFT people outside the school -- and has allowed Elvin to brutalize people --  and appointed a new Supt who is a slug - while promoting the old double slug Supt.

Teachers are forced into illegal or immoral acts. Guess who will get the brunt of punishment?


Save John Dewey High School

As you may know, a determined group of teachers at John Dewey High School have blown the whistle on Principal Kathleen Elvin.

Since her arrival at Dewey in March 2012, Elvin’s  brutal and mercenary  policies have involved blatant and virulent harassment —–mainly directed against 55 plus teachers.
Simultaneously, Elvin oversees corrupt and fraudulent Credit Recovery and Project Graduation programs designed to pass through and ultimately send to graduation hundreds of students—in the process, establishing for Dewey bogus school statistics and for Elvin, financial remuneration!
During the past week alone, Elvin’s sickening practices have been exposed by the CBS Evening News, WPIX and the The New York Post.

On Wednesday, March 25th 2015, CBS News Chief Political Correspondent, Marcia Kramer brought the issue of Kathleen Elvin at Dewey directly to the attention of Mayor DeBlasio and Chancellor Farina during a meeting at Brooklyn Automotive High School.

Regrettably, the Mayor and Farina seem poised to cover up this scandal. The effect of such a policy would be disastrous for the teachers and students of John Dewey!
At this critical time, your help is greatly needed to maintain public pressure and hopefully hasten the departure of Elvin and her cronies from Dewey, restoring in the process, a desperately needed measure of decency and integrity to a once proud and respected NYC High School!

Please utilize your blogs to the fullest possible extent showing your solidarity and support for integrity, public education and the efforts of a truly courageous and dedicated group of teachers!

MORE calls on the Mayor and Chancellor to immediately remove the principal as they conduct their investigation. The C-30 panel should have the final decision on new administration.

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  1. Only fools will want to teach in this state-not sure where they should go. I would change my major if I were them.

    And just think of all the teachers who leave because the stress is too high. Many of us have so many years in and doubt we can make it to a full pension.

    There is so much horror. Here’s one: Assume AP’s switch schools to do the observations. If one AP is extra hostile and grades unfairly tough, does that mean the other one will seek revenge on the teachers at the other AP’s school?


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