Thursday, March 12, 2015

Manhattan Institute Shill Creates Myth on Charter school push-outs

When I saw this on Chalk Beat I laughed out loud


Low-performing students are just as likely to leave a charter school as a traditional district school, according to Marcus Winters, the author of a new Manhattan Institute report exploring charter school attrition rates.

You mean THE UNBIASED Manhattan Institute? With this DN headline?

The charter school attrition myth: Low-performing students leave charter schools and traditional district schools at equal rates

Here is the question Winters (and Chalkbeat) don't seem to want to touch. If low-performing students leave charters and public schools at equal rates where do both these groups of students end up?

Public schools of course. So the sum total is a rise in public schools of low-performing students pushed out of charters.

I would like to see Chalkbeat stop tossing up every single piece of propaganda without pointing out such obvious facts.

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