Monday, March 9, 2015

They can't take your pension, but they can take your health care plan

TWO entities can touch your pension: The IRS for taxes owed and a Family Court for child support. That’s it! I doubt an arbitrator can touch you pension. They are wages you earned already... Why the UFT doesn't make is more public. It is a Leadership Academy lie to bully and intimidate.
.....From MORE Chapter Leader listserve
This was in response to a question about a member being threatened with loss of pension. Here was the question:
A friend called me to say that a teacher had been removed from the school for some kind of charges related to sending a child to another class and not making sure the child make it to the other class. The principal said the teacher could lose her pension.
Astounding what slug principals will tell teachers. Yes, do fault the UFT from the top down to the district level, where the monthly meetings should be dealing with questions like this instead of being used to push the UFT political agenda.

But then there is this as a followup from a MORE CL:
Here’s something most don’t know and I just found out because it happened to a member in our school. A members was caught snoozing in class. A student took a picture. The member never told me and went on her own thinking if she confessed and promised they would be lenient. Wrong! She got a TWO week suspension without pay. But, get a load of this. She went to the doctor with her husband and were told their benefits were suspended.

I have alerted the UFT to NO response about this. One can just imagine a catastrophic scenario where emergency medical care can lead to financial ruin for this member.

Besides the lesson of not going alone; I would have demanded progressive discipline and gotten her a counseling memo or, worst case, letter to file, beware of the suspension of benefits.

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Anonymous said...

Could you write an explanation for each and what it means to the teacher (the least to most severe)?

progressive discipline
counseling memo
letter to file

No one seems to know what they mean and what it does to the teacher and their career.

Thank you.