Monday, March 30, 2015

Did NYSUT Pres Magee Just Endorse MORE Testing Reso That Unity Rejected?

Going on the offense, NYSUT’s Magee calls for test boycott

“We are encouraging parents to opt out,” Magee said explaining that instructions for an opt-out are on their website. She also said “we will be taking further steps to make parents aware of this.”.... Capitol Confidential
AA (Always Amazing) Lauren Cohen makes reso at DA
I was asked just now what does nysut support for opt out means given the UFT/Unity turning down the MORE reso that called for support for the opt out movement
- see reso and commentary at nyceducator: DA Takeaway.
My response:
good cop, bad cop ---- desperation -- watch uft begin to reverse on opt out -- maybe even common core --- walls closing in.
I usually get uft motivation but on reluctance to jump in with both feet on opt out i just don't get. I need to understand why uft resists jumping on the bandwagon - fear of tabloids accusing them of acting like a union?

Really, think about it. An all out assault on the tests in support of opt out by the uft could double or triple the opt out movement and undermine Cuomo's victory lap.  Imagine uft staffers actually being used for good? Send reps to every PTA meeting in every school. Do what NJEA did with hard hitting opt out ads. Now that's something even I would contribute to.

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Randi and Mikey still need a place at the table even if it is located next to the bathroom.