Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Susan O Comes Packing

A midweek treasure trove from Susan, an original refusenik.
My hope is that one day soon, this will be the mantra of teachers as well as students:


Another cartoon:

I'm so ticked that I didn't get a copy of the book for which I wrote a chapter that I'm posting the chapter here. In it I take on academics, the press in general and the NY Times in particular. As you will see if you read it, people who write chapters to accommodate the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation receive $30,000 and up. Yes, for one chapter.

Why some students are refusing to take the Common Core test
John Merrow with Ohanian comment
PBS NewsHour

This NewsHour segment moderated by John Merrow featuring New Jersey OptOuts is worth watching. I provide transcript here.


5 Crappy things about the PARCC
Julie Vassilatos

Read this and ask yourself why any parent--or teacher--would inflict Common Core testing on children they care about.

And for whose well-being they accept responsibility.

Digital Learning Companies Falling Short of Student Privacy Pledge
Natasha Singer with Ohanian comment
New York Times

Cambium's data security called into question. If a child I cared about came home with an assignment to do anything associated with Cambium products, I'd worry a whole lot in addition to data security.
When a Public Intellectual Speaks Out But No One Hears Her, Does She Exist?
Susan Ohanian


This is a book chapter in which I take on the press and assorted academics.

To the editor
Bruce Chadwick
New York Times

The New York Times publishes some criticism of standardized testing.

Hedge fund executives give 'til it hurts to politicians, especially Cuomo, to get more charter schools
Juan Gonzalez
New York Daily News

Here's documentation of Andrew Cuomo's big bucks ties to charter school lobbyists.

Stop Spying on Wikipedia Users
Jimmy Wales and Lila Tretikov
New York Times

Wikipedia is filing a lawsuit against the National Security Agency to protect the rights of the 500 million people who use Wikipedia every month.

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