Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Voices Principal Frank Giordano Confuses Parents on opt-out

Giordano in drag
Frank Giordano, Principal of New Voices, sent out an email to parents basically informing them they could not opt out. He has scheduled a parent meeting for March 25th and has stated that no parents are to attempt to opt out until after this meeting. I think Change the Stakes should be present to ensure that parent's rights are protected.... a parent
Check out Change The Stakes resources on opting out. Based on the letter from Frank Giordano below, I think we may have a Pinocchio situation on our hands.
Dear Parents, 
I hope this email finds you well. I would like to take this opportunity to address a hot button issue. I had been holding off sending this email until we were closer to the State Exams, however, in light of the fact that I have already received several emails regarding opting out, I felt the need to send this email now. There is no opting out of any State Exams. These exams are required to be administered by the State Department of Education. While some schools in the city have allowed this to occur, opting out of these exams has not been sanctioned by the NYC DOE nor the Chancellor. I will be holding an evening meeting Wednesday March 25th at 6pm to discuss this topic. I will answer all questions posed and will explain how this was addressed here at New Voices in the past and how we will continue to address this issue. Although I am sympathetic to individual concerns, I am required to operate under the rules and guidelines established by the NYS DOE and NYC DOE. Please understand that I will not accept any requests for opting out of State exams prior to the meeting on March 25, 2015. ... Frank Giordano


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, curious to see if the parents accept that he will not accept opting out. If the parents in the school district in which I live received this email, they'd be at the superintendent's office the next day demanding the principal's resignation. Those opting out wouldn't care if the principal accepted it or not. Suburban principal's know better. They know suburban parents would never tolerate being condescended to. What's up with NYC parents? Will they really allow a school principal to ignore them?

Anonymous said...

Parents opt out of vaccinations. How can they not be able to opt out of state tests?

Anonymous said...

This guy is not ignoring them, he's dictating to them as if they have no rights or minds of their own. These parents need support and information.

Unknown said...

he once told us to shut up