Thursday, March 12, 2015

Brooklyn District 15 Teachers and Parents Rally at Cuomo's Manhattan Office

I stopped by and was pleasantly surprised to see hundreds of people organized by one district yesterday afternoon (Weds March 11). I'm proud to say that a number of MORE chapter leaders and supporters played a major role in this but also that the UFT did their part in a good spirit of working together on this project.

Video to follow later tonight. District 15, the home of the NYC opt-out movement (along with District 6 in upper Manhattan) had a different focus than the standard UFT line, with testing and common core having equal weight to the Cuomo budget, which is the UFT line. But there was room for all positions at this rally -- and that is important - the UFT did not/could not take sole control of the message.

Today of course there are rallies at many schools in the city - an idea hatched by Leonie Haimson and picked up by the UFT. In some principals are cooperating. In others principals are giving teachers problems. And this is the point in District 15 -- many principals support these rallies and that does make a difference. A teacher doesn't have to think they are putting their job on the line.

In my previous post on City-as school rally, the principal is helping lead it.

MORE's Lauren Cohen, Co-chapter leader, PS 321K
PS 24 was in the house
Massive contingent from PS 261K, MORE's Melissa Torres, CL

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Anonymous said...

Not one teacher from my school was interested in rallying for Mulgrew today. Untying us to test scores and Danielson are the most important issues to the the teachers I speak to every day. But Mulgrew's too afraid of that fight. No one in my school will support Mulgrew or his lame agenda and it has nothing to do with pressure from any administrator. We see Mulgrew for what he truly is--a corrupt coward that we'd sooner "punch in the face and push in the dirt" than waste a moment listening to or supporting his drivel. Roseanne McCosh PS8x