Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Do Ed Deformers Disparage Black Kids' Achievement by Suppressing News of Rise in Scores?

Only The Howler knows: THE CALIBER OF OUR OWN PROFESSORS: Pampered, privileged, overpaid, poor?
Black and Hispanic students are scoring much higher on the NAEP, the widely-praised, constantly-cited “gold standard” of domestic testing! But very few people have ever heard these important, encouraging facts.

In a nation scripted by corporate elites, it seems to be against the law to let the public hear this.
For whatever reason, our upper-end journalists seem committed to keeping these score gains under wraps. In a truly appalling display, our pampered, privileged, overpaid professors play along with this practice. We’ve discussed this topic many times at this site. To state the obvious, we liberals simply don’t seem to care about this important topic.

We don’t seem to like or admire our nation’s superlative black kids. We’re happy to keep running our black kids down—except when one of these kids gets shot, in which case we start stampeding around and inventing facts, our way of pretending to care.
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