Monday, March 9, 2015

Cuomo Budget: PS 29k's Week of Action in Brooklyn

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New York City parents and teachers will be out in full force this week to protest Gov. Cuomo's budget/education reforms. Not sure if this on your radar, but I figured you might be interested...
PS 29 in Brooklyn, which is my son's school, has something in the works every day, including a demonstration outside our Cobble Hill location on Thursday morning where kids and parents will be linking arms around the school building.
You can find the press release and contact info below along with the flyer being sent to parents (attached).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me as well.


CONTACT: Rhonda Keyser, PS 29 PTA Vice President, Communications
CALL; 646-644-0828 or email

PS 29 Parents and Students PROTECT OUR SCHOOLS Demonstration Opposing Governor Cuomo's Proposed Education Reform
Thursday, March 12th 8:00 am

Brooklyn, NY, March 9, 2015 – Hundreds of parents and students from top-performing public elementary school PS 29, in Cobble Hill, will launch a week of action culminating in a schoolwide demonstration at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, March 12, outside the school building at 425 Henry Street, imploring law-makers to make every effort to strip Governor Cuomo's proposed education reforms out of the state budget.

This action is part of a broad state-wide campaign opposing Governor Cuomo's proposed education reforms, which would increase the reliance of state English Language Arts and Math tests in teacher evaluation to 50 percent of their total evaluation, among other changes. Parents are alarmed that curriculum will inevitably be narrowed to a tight focus on rote testing and test prep, if the proposal become law.

To bring attention to the enrichments that could be lost, students from numerous extracurricular clubs will visually highlight the band, chorus, dance, drama, and other opportunities they would be missing if Governor Cuomo's plans are successful. The capstone of the event will come at 8:20 a.m. when students, parents and teachers join hands to encircle the entire school, symbolically protecting PS 29 from the dangers the education reforms could bring. This action will be staged concurrently at dozens of other schools around New York City.

Other actions include a District 15 Rally to Protect Public Education, outside Cuomo’s NYC office (633 3rd Avenue) from 4:30 to 6 p.m.on March 11 and a burgeoning #EvaluateThat social media campaign, featuring children talking across social media platforms on what they love about their school.

Organizers are asking constituents to contact their elected state senators and assemblymen and demand the proposed education reforms be removed from the budget.

For information and the full line up of activities, visit

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