Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Already 3 schools in one building? Why not give Eva space and make it 4? Or 5?

Don't forget to include space for the dungeon
CONCOURSE VILLAGE — Parents, students and teachers are fuming mad about a city proposal to expand a Success Academy charter school into a Bronx building that already houses three middle schools, arguing the addition will make the school crowded and dangerous. "The impression I get is that their kids are more important than our kids," said Jim Donohue, an eighth grade English teacher at Arturo Toscanini, one of the middle schools in the building. "I don't understand why they get to push half a school aside." ....DNAinfo
Really, how much has changed in Tweed since BloomKleinCott left?
The Department of Education has proposed adding grades three through five of Success Academy Bronx 3, now located at 968 Cauldwell Ave., into the building at 1000 Teller Ave., which currently houses three schools serving grades six through eight: Arturo Toscanini, the Urban Science Academy and New Millennium Business Academy Middle School.
The building also contains an Alternate Learning Center for students who are serving suspensions of up to 90 days.
They don't know the half of it as Eva's minions start demanding space for every non-classroom activity they can make up - a farting room, anyone?

Bronx Middle School Parents Angered at Success Academy Co-Location Proposal


I can pretty much guarantee at least 1 or more current schools will be gone to make space for Eva to grow.

The area is near Yankee Stadium --- there must be some gentrification going on --- use my personal gentrification warning signal - where Eva wants to go.

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