Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fab Faux, Faux Fox

I'm waiting for the appearance on Fox and Friends of a Real Reformer. Supposed to be on at 7:50.

Watching Faux News on Fox for the first time may be appropriate since I was at last night's salute to John Lennon by the Fab Faux, the incredible Beattles cover band, at Radio City. Imagine, 2 hours plus of Lennin music done to perfection.

Segment about to begin so hold on. Back in a few.

I'm back. So it was CAPE/GEM's Julie Cavanagh and charter school parent activist Mona Davids.

Here is link:

Each had maybe 30 seconds. Julie got in a defense of tenure and mentionned our web site for our film "The Absolute Truth About Waiting for Superman"* and Mona got in the class size issue (Leonie will be doing cartwheels) before they were both cut off. Think of it: Fox sent a car for each of them. They had hair and makeup done - not that they needed it —They both looked gorgeous. All for a few minutes when they had an opportunity for a substantial discussion. But this is Faux Fox.

Not that the NBC network with their big education week coming up is any better. They stacked every forum. Faux NBC. Back with more on THAT issue, later.

After even a few minutes of Faux Fox, gotta go and take a shower.

Julie just called and said she and Mona felt pretty good about their appearance. The web site (created by Mona, by the way) will be posted on Fox and there seemed to be an interest in our film. We'll see.


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  1. Michelle Rhee,DC Chancellor is supposed to be on Sunday Meet the Press. Some are asking will she announce her future plans.

    Hope your readers will check out my blog and a picture that is worth a thousand words of presumptive Mayor of DC- Vince Gray and Michelle Rhee after their 90 minute talk last week.


    Candi Peterson
    The Washington Teacher


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