Sunday, September 19, 2010

E4E: The Missing 700

The Wall St. Journal's Barbara Martinez fawns and Stuart Varney and Fox News are jumping up and down. All of Rupert's gnomes and trolls have been drooling over the prospect of a 5th column within the UFT to undermine the union.

They talk in wonder at the 700 people, many of whom are not NYC teachers, have signed up on their web site to get updates. Gee, I am one of those 700. Whooopdeedo. Show me the money. I want to see what they've really got. Like real NY teachers with a few more than 2 or 3 years in the classroom.

To their credit NYC Educator, Miss Eyre (Educators 4 Actually Being Educators) and Michaal Fiorillo have been on the Evan and Sydney and their bogus Educators 4 Excellence for quite some time. The fact that Miss Eyre is of the Evan and Sydney generation that E4E us trying to attract and is so outraged is a bad sign for Rupert's game plan. The fact that Evan and Sydney have abandoned the children they love so much to build an anti-teacher union organization seems to be rubbing real reformers just a tad bit the wrong way, expecially those from their generation.

Here is an excerpt from NYC Ed:

Who Funds Ex-Educators 4 Excellence?

After reading the WSJ piece on the union-busting young ex-teachers, I had to wonder--how the hell do they pay the rent?  They aren't teaching, but rather spreading their new gospel.  What happens when that electric bill shows up?

It's remarkable that seems not to have occurred to the reporter.

Do they live with Mom and Dad?  Do they get an allowance?  Or do they get money from Whitney Tilson and DFER?  If so, is that really any way to run a "grassroots" movement?

Hey, NYC, the reporter works for Rupert. A lot doesn't occur to them.

Here at Ed Notes have tried to chip in when we can also.

The Ballad of Evan and Sidney

She's Coming For The Ed Deformers - and ...

In the latter piece we talked about the Real Reformers from the Evan/Sydney gen, people who are pro-union but also critical of the current UFT/AFT leadership, many of who ran against the Unity Caucus machine in the last election. Makes it tough to brand them as union flunkies.

No one has been more on the case more than South Bronx School, who rumor has it also ran on the ICE/TJC slate. So charges he is a Unity hack won't fly.

Here is an excerpt of his latest upset over the appearance of Evan on the Stuart Varney Fox Business News show. Evan is getting over exposed and beginning to look like one of those bad reverse negatives.

Little Evan Stone Unfair And Unbalanced

What a day. I was look forward to a nice relaxing evening at home. First day this week without some scheduled event. I plan on making dinner for my family, do the laundry, and then watch segue into watching The First 48. I was not planning on blogging tonight.

That changed when in my email inbox I got yet another newsletter from that "grass roots" organization, Educators4Excellence. And what is it that got my skin to crawl? Yes, Little Evan Stone appeared on Fox Business Channel's Varney & Co. Check it out here.It is amazing what a 26 year old boy can accomplish all by himself. How does he get himself on such shows?

Doesn't Evan know that he, just like Mongo, is a pawn in the game of life? That Little Evan is like a dog. Leashed and owned by the hedge fund gnomes and ed deformers?

The interview by Stuart Varney stating to Little Evan that E4E has 700 members. Wow! Impressive. I am one of those 700 members. In fact you can count me twice. I seriously doubt Little Evan that all 700 support what you and the Princess do. It's kind of like driving by the scene of a car wreck. You don't want to look, but you feel you must and you do. E4E is that car wreck.

Read SBS's entire piece which parses the entire Evan appearance.

There is some back story to this that I need to talk to South Bronx about before revealing. A back story that if it pans out will show just how low down and dirty Fox and the Varney people are in their attempts to promote their anti-union agenda.

The Real Reformers will be up and running on some issues within the next week, with a lot more support from the same age group as E4E claims. Watch them get zero coverage.

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  1. i signed onto their website under the name First: "you" Last: "lie"

    not sure if i'm one of the 700 or not, but i suspect it's more than 1 who oppose the twits.


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