Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lois Weiner and Karen Lewis on Democracy Now as Educators Push Back Against Obama’s "Business Model" for School Reforms

People have gotten to know about Karen Lewis (the winner the GEM award in the upcoming GEM newsletter). But not enough people know about Lois Weiner (see tab on her in the heading). Lois has taught us all about the neo-liberal agenda. Putting these two together is brilliant. See the video.

Here Karen takes apart Arnie (he's be arrested if he tried to teach because he is not credentialed) and because he doesn't know what to do - see her great impression of Arne - he says let someone else - the privatizers - do it.

Lois looks at the global aspect of the market based deforms. And talks about the national impact of the CORE victory in Chicago. And she gives a shout out to our pals in Teachers Unite.

Educators Push Back Against Obama’s "Business Model" for School Reforms

It’s back-to-school season. As millions of children around the country begin a new school year, the Obama administration is aggressively moving forward on a number of education initiatives, from expanding charter schools to implementing new national academic standards. We talk to Karen Lewis, the president of the Chicago Teachers Union, and Lois Weiner, a professor of education at New Jersey City University. [includes rush transcript]


  1. If my last name was Weiner (slang for a hot dog), I'd be careful about sitting next to Lewis!

  2. Karen Lewis has created a group of whinny princesses called Chicago teachers! Now that teachers arrive when students arrive and leave when students leave there are more safety and security issues. Wow I would love to hold a position that allows people to work 6-7 hours a day and have summer off too. Yet they still find time to complain about what they aren't getting. Whinny Whinny teachers! Karen Lewis is a disaster she is not for the institution of good education she is for herself and her own big ego!


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